Andrew Guy takes West Park Ward as Green Party celebrate ‘phenomenal’ results in local elections

Written by on 12th May 2022

Andrew Guy is a recently elected Green Party councillor for the West Park Ward in South Shields after last week’s local elections.

Guy has been out speaking to the local community, ensuring that he accurately represents the people of the West Park Ward.

Guy said: “My highest priorities are surrounding parking, access to decent education, road safety, and crime reduction.“

Last week the local elections saw the Green Party celebrate their South Tyneside results with three new Green Party councillors (including Andrew Guy), making it the second-biggest party on the council.

Sarah McKeown took Beacon & Bents from Labour and David Herbert took Cleadon and East Boldon from the Conservatives.

These were among 77 other gains for the party, other areas with gains included Cumberland, Oxford and Worcester which the Green Party has called a ‘phenomenal’ result.

Guy added: “I think we will see more people voting green. We don’t do old-fashioned top-down politics, we listen to the residents, the facts and that’s what drives policy.”

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