Eight reasons why the North East of England is brilliant

Written by on 26th April 2022

To some, the North East of England is a land beyond the horizon that offers little appeal for making a visit.

But to those of us who call the area home, we know that beyond the often miserable weather – and often equally miserable sports teams – the North East is a wonderful place to live.

So here’s eight reasons why we’re proud of our region.

8. Our Towns & Cities

Stockton high street lit up in colour at night.
Image credit – Brian Swales (Facebook)

From the bustling and modern streets of Newcastle and Sunderland to the peaceful and historic grounds of Durham. There really is something for everyone.

Our cities boast some of the best nightlife and amenities in the country. But unlike cities such as London or Leeds, our cities are just the right size so that everything remains easily accessible.

But if the bright lights aren’t what you’re looking for, there are plenty of alternatives. Walking through Durham or Alnwick is like walking through time, and quaint maritime towns such as Staithes and Whitby offer fantastic days out.

7. The Wildlife

A female Kingfisher perched on a branch at Riverside Park in Chester-le-Street. Image credit – Brian Howes (Facebook)

Perhaps an element of the North East that is forgotten or even unaware of to many, the wildlife that call our region home come in all shapes and sizes, and some are absolutely spectacular.

From rare and colourful birds to the seals at Seal Sands and even dolphins and sharks off our shores. It’s not all pigeons and squirrels around these parts. You can even spot Puffins in the Farne Islands off the coast of Northumbria.

A puffin mid-flight with a mouthful of fish in the
Farne Islands. Image credit – Wil Cheung (Facebook)

If you go searching, you can find some amazing animals of all shapes and sizes, and with an abundance of woodlands and coastal areas to explore, they are begging to be found.

6. Our Proud Industries

Northumberland’s Beadnell Harbour at sunset.
Image credit – Scott Marlee (Instagram)

Industry runs through our blood in the North East. Practically every family is connected to our region’s industrial past and present in some form.

From the steelworks that built the world on Teesside, to the long and proud maritime city of Sunderland and even the living museum town of Beamish.

Whether it was in the factories, on the fishing boats or down in the mines, industry is everywhere, and everything to our region. And we rightly celebrate and shout about it whenever we can.

5. The History

Hadrian’s Wall hugging the Northern frontier landscape. Image credit – Stuart Proudlock (Facebook)

The North East is steeped in history, with our region being the setting for so many chapters of historical importance in our nation’s history.

From the world-famous Roman sites of Hadrian’s Wall and Vindolanda in Hexham, to the beautiful grounds of Alnwick and Lindisfarne castles.

Our area is blessed with some incredible sites of historical importance. This history of the North East, and indeed the historical sites within it, are something we can be and are extremely proud of.

4. Our Culture

Newcastle’s Loosefest music festival.
Image credit – Scott Marlee (Instagram)

The North East is a haven for anyone interested in culture. We excel at it, and have done for centuries. Whether it’s live music and shows, art, history and museums, our region has it all.

Our area is constantly providing the country with talented musicians, and Newcastle’s Theatre Royal has been the birthplace to world famous performers since its opening in 1837.

Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (MIMA) has hosted the work of Pablo Picasso, and Sunderland’s National Glass Centre houses the work of world famous glassworks artists. If it’s culture you’re looking for, there aren’t many better places to find it than the North East of England.

3. The Countryside

Jesmond Dene Park and its stunning waterfall.
Image credit – Scott Marlee (Instagram)

From mystical forests, rolling hills and towering peaks. The vast expanses of countryside that carpet our region are simply beautiful. Whether its fields are for agriculture or exploration, there isn’t a single part of our countryside that isn’t worth seeing.

But again, the North East countryside and all it has to offer seemingly gets lost on people. Some from afar may not even realise that we have such expanses of luscious fields and national parks.

But we do, and the rewards for those that explore them are endless. Beautiful hamlets and villages in the shadows of valleys, broad lakes and stunning scenery are all on our doorsteps.

One of the multiple beautiful lakes at Cragside House which is part of the Cragside National Trust in Northumberland. Image Credit – Donna Taylor (Instagram)

2. The Coastline

Bamburgh Beach with Bamburgh Castle overlooking the coastline as the sun sets. Image credit – Simon McMenzie (Facebook)

The North East’s carved and historic coastline truly is the jewel in our region’s crown.

Our rugged coast has been shaped over countless centuries, withstanding Roman and Viking conquests, evolving through the medieval and middle age era’s, to the arcades and ice cream era we live in today.

There is so much to see and do along our shores, as it bursts with charm and holds some stunning secrets. Whether you’re looking for a beach to make sand castles, a seaside town for fish & chips or a castle to explore, the North East coastline has it all.

Roker Beach and its iconic lighthouse under a menacing sky. Image credit – Adam Littlemore (Facebook)

1. The People

Stockton market fancy dress event.
Image credit – Brian Swales (Facebook)

Arguably the component of our region that makes the North East more brilliant than anything else.

Our area is so lucky to have the kind of folk that we do. Loyal, hard-working, honest, caring with values and unwavering strength. We’re a barmy breed up here, but you kind of have to be really.

We’re blue-collar, and proud. We’re less well off, supposedly, and yet we’re some of the happiest and generous people you will find. We’re optimists and glass half full, biting winds and swirling rain? It’s shorts weather man!

Whether you need a hand putting that fence up, or an errand to run, or a just a smile putting on your face, the people of the North East are matched by few others. We are one big community, and we’re proud of who we are and where we come from.

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