Eurovision 2022: Mahmood & Blanco – Brividi Review

Written by on 6th February 2022

Image Credit – Island Records / Universal Music Italia

Mahmood will return to Eurovision this year alongside Italian singer and rapper Blanco. Their song Brividi (English: Shivers) is a captivating display of what a professional Italian duet can and should be. 

Brividi lays bare its subject of emotional frailty in a relationship from the opening bars thanks to Mahmood’s trademark quivering vocal expression. Blanco beautifully matches Mahmood’s in the first chorus and they sing as one in the most prominent moments of the track. The contrast Brividi offers is in Blanco’s rap solo in the bridge. It’s sharp and aggressive but cleverly hits the right tone.  

The production of the track is grand in its lack of complexities. Yes, there are noticeable strings but they compliment the singing as opposed to taking over. 

Mahmood & Blanco’s dominant victory at Festival di Sanremo is indicative of the uniqueness of Brividi. Its honesty is relatable and its music is enchanting. The track will go far.

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