There has been a rising concern among universities as students use artificial intelligence (AI) to aid and complete their assignments.  One such AI program that is used is ChatGPT, a bot that can be given a prompt and deliver back a detailed response.  This has sparked a debate among staff and students regarding the ethics […]

University of Sunderland students and volunteers join hands in an attempt to open our eyes towards major issues in our community. Spark Sunderland reporter Andreea-Mihaela Nastase investigates.  When Catalin Popsor joined volunteers for a litter pick in a Sunderland Park, little did he know his life would change forever. Catalin is a 28-year-old Community and […]

Episode 3 – Changes in Listening HabitsTalking Tunes {{d-episode-season}} {{d-episode-number}} In this episode of Talking Tunes, Kristiana, Adam, Jack, and Nathaniel discuss how their listening habits have changed and dive deep into why they listen and the effect listening has on them. Prompting their discussion, Alison Barton from Opera Sunderland discusses how she listens and [...]

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