House fire leaves single Father of four with nothing just days before Christmas, whilst his youngest son still lays tragically ill in hospital. Paul Beattie, from Forth Close in Peterlee, was working his regular night shift at Asda when his home was deliberately set on fire in the early hours of the morning whilst two […]

It was an incident that shocked the nation, but at the same time has led to a massive outpouring of support for the Bradley Lowery Foundation – and an unexpected link between Sunderland and Sheffield Wednesday. Adam Foster reports. After Sunderland’s 3-0 win over Sheffield Wednesday at the Hillsborough Stadium, some awful images began circulating […]

A Sunderland man has been invited to take part in the Official Strongman Games (OSG) 2022 in Florida and is asking for help to get him there. This coming November in Florida over 400 men and women are coming together to take part in the Official Strongman Games. One of these people is Tom Owens, […]

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