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Tuesday 7:00 pm 9:00 pm

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Alreet, Im Jordan from Disorder, the home of alternative,indie and a little bit of electronica thrown on the side here Spark.  Each week we bring you the best new tracks from brand new artists who you might not have heard from yet and Indie belters that fill the club floors. So put on your bucket hats and raise your non alcoholic tinnies every Tuesday 7-9 PM!

Each week on the show, we showcase the best in brand new music. From everything such as the big names to the little unscouted and local artists. We also bring you the latest news, tours and interviews from artists who have been hitting up the north east. Also occasionally throwing the odd album listening party where sit back and listen to a brand new or classic record together. Each week from 8:30 we dive into the rollercoaster playlist; a collection takes you nice and high and then drops you all the back low to mellow you out.

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