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A mother’s journey from war in Ukraine back to the safety of the U.K. that is fraught with danger and problems obtaining a visa. After fleeing Putin’s murderous war machine, the next fight was securing a U.K. visa for her sister-in-law and two children. This after Lena had made the more than 2,000 mile journey […]

The interactive map below contains the nine main bowling alleys throughout the North East. The very best bowling alleys Newcastle and Sunderland has to offer.

In a world where Covid has changed our approach to healthcare, our medical system is redefined Picture this: a patient attends a video consultation and the GP has instant access to their medical records and can give guidance, order prescriptions and decide whether a face-to-face appointment is needed. This is, what experts believe to be, […]

For years live TV audiences have been in decline in favour of streaming. Tyler Selby investigates recent data and what it means for traditional TV channels. There was a time when live TV could not be missed. You had to tune in there and then to watch the final episode of your favourite BBC drama, […]

In recent years cigar culture has changed, Chloe Walker investigates how and why more people are interested in cigars. Over the past 5 years, Cigar culture has grown on a wide scale. Many companies now do Cigar subscriptions, and there is a growing female population in cigar smoking too. But why is cigar smoking becoming […]

Spark is excited to announce a collaboration with Sunderland City Runs, which will see five of its team taking part in the event over the weekend of 7/8 May. Sparkies Grace McDonough, Martin Blair and Grace Daily will be entering the 5K run, while Lottie Steele and Tom Mortlock will be attempting the 10K. They […]

Despite the drastic changes in the weather over recent days in the North East, a respected Durham University meteorologist insists fast-rising or falling temperatures are “normal” for this time of year.   And Professor Tim Burt has dismissed suggestions that the sudden return of winter is an argument against global warming. Just days after being […]

Homeowners across the North East are being advised to seek out funding and reduce energy use to help tackle the rising cost of bills, after regulators raised the limit on energy prices. North East advisors, The Green Doctor, are helping homeowners who are struggling to meet demand for payment, and offering advice on managing bills. […]

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