Investigation over human remains at Roker Beach shocks residents

Written by on 16th February 2024

Northumbria Police are investigating an area of Roker Beach in Sunderland after “suspected human remains” have been found.

The police were seen having a major search of the area on Tuesday, February 13, and it has been reported that searches have continued.

A Northumbria Police spokesperson said: “Shortly after 10am on Tuesday, we received a report that suspected human remains had been found on Marine Walk in Sunderland.“

Multiple police officers were seen on Tuesday searching the beach close to the water for suspected remains. It was also seen that sniffer dogs were brought in.

Roker Beach is popular among dogwalkers and is always well visited during the day, as the area offers a beautiful view of the sea and the opportunity for locals to stop for food at a selection of cafés.

It is also home to many residents.

Brooke Spours said: “My gran lives at the apartments next to the site and we were just as shocked as everyone else.”

He added: “To think that’s where we walk the dogs, it’s such a busy area.”

Not only are people shocked it also raises safety concerns about the area.

“To be honest it made us feel slightly unsafe which shouldn’t be the case for such a nice area,” added Spours who owns an apartment right next to the site.

Roker Beach is the home to multiple cafes. When asked if they had heard anything one of the bar workers said: “Just customers coming in and telling us about it, I didn’t really pay attention.”

Some people are shocked by the news that broke on Wednesday.

For those who are worrying about the situation and have any concerns, the police advises to “speak to an officer on duty, or to contact us through our website or by calling 101.”

The police are yet to comment on the results of the investigation.

“Enquiries are ongoing and an investigation has been launched into the discovery.“

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