Sunderland Students Set Out To Save /AFK! gaming bar

Written by on 12th December 2023

Sunderland University students set out to raise over one thousand pounds towards saving the gaming bar on Bridge Street.

Local university societies are both saddened and excited to announce a collaborative event aiming to raise money towards saving /AFKOn December 14 2023, a games and social event is set to take place upstairs in the event room. 

/AFK risks closure as it is faced with a £45000 sum in rent costs to remain open. Students have set a goal of one thousand pounds in aid of the sum required by the end of December.

Located on Bridge Street, Sunderland (SR1 1TQ), /AFK is a bar that offers a host of old and new consoles, original cocktails, and a food menu for their guests to enjoy. /AFK has built a cosy and welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for student socials and events. 

Organised by the AltRock Society, Esports Team, and VGS (Video Games Society), this event is an unmissable mix of karaoke, Jackbox party games, classics such as Mario Party, and more. 

Many students at the University of Sunderland have made friends and felt well supported by /AFK, giving it a special place in their hearts. Students spoke out online about what /AFK means to them…

Edie, Leader of the Esports Team, said: “A favourite to students, alumni, and everyone alike.”

Doug, President of the AltRock Society added: “/AFK is one of the few places in Sunderland that stands out, oozes its own personality, and has friendly staff in a comfortable environment… It would be a travesty and a huge loss to Sunderland should it close down

Other Students added their thoughts anonymously via JustGiving comments…

“So friendly and accommodating”

“One of the best and most inclusive bars in Sunderland”

“I’ve met some lovely people… What else will I do with my Tuesday night?”

Tickets for the event will be priced at £2 per person (members included) or £5 with a 3D printed /AFK badge included. Students have already raised over £500 and should the bar close, will donate the money to local charities. 

Alongside Thursday’s event, students have opened a JustGiving page:

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