How local pubs will benefit from sporting success

Written by on 11th May 2023

Sunderland AFC have earned their place into the Championship Play-Offs, which is great for the football club, yet is also great for local businesses. Match days draw people into Sunderland’s town centre before kick-off therefore more money is spent in local shops and after, meaning the clubs and bars in the town will fill up and the local business owners can bring in more money. With the game being so important it will draw in an even larger crowd than normal and due to this, more money will be made.

With a feel-good factor around the city, people will be more inclined to go out for a drink when they normally wouldn’t have. Bringing more money to the local businesses even on days where there is not a Sunderland game.

The Colliery Tavern is based only a few hundred yards from the stadium, and owner John Snaith believes that this year will be even better than last year for The Tavern.




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