The ‘Food Bank Generation’ Game

Written by on 12th April 2023

Theatre Space North East, a local theatre company in Sunderland, has created a new play titled The Food Bank Generation.
It is part of a wider project aimed at raising awareness of the growing problem of food poverty in the region and encouraging people to take action.

The Food Bank Generation is an interactive play that invites the audience to participate in a game that simulates the experience of living in food poverty. The game takes place in a fictional world where food is scarce and the players must navigate a series of challenges to survive. The challenges include finding food, managing finances, and dealing with unexpected setbacks such as illness or job loss.
The play is designed to be thought-provoking and engaging, encouraging the audience to reflect on their own attitudes towards food poverty and the impact it has on young people in their community. It aims to challenge the stereotypes and misconceptions that surround food poverty, and to encourage people to take action to support those in need.
The play is accompanied by a range of workshops and educational resources aimed at schools and community groups. These resources provide practical advice and support for people who are struggling with food poverty, as well as information on how to get involved in local food banks and community initiatives.
The Food Bank Generation is an important and timely play that highlights the growing problem of food poverty in the UK, and encourages people to take action to address the issue. Through its engaging and interactive format, the play aims to raise awareness of the impact of food poverty on young people, and to inspire people to make a positive difference in their local communities.

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