Whitley Bay regeneration expected

Written by on 5th April 2023

The small seaside town is set to go under regeneration of its town centre as early as this summer.

North Tyneside Council is expected to draw up a master plan for the town centre, with plans subject to consultations with the public.

According to council documents, the plans put forward intend to upgrade the town centre’s sustainable transport links and improve the “public realm”.

The hope is that the redevelopment will create new opportunities for investment and support existing businesses in the town.

Whitley Bay councillor John O’Shea said: “Following on from the recent “Times” announcement indicating that Whitley Bay is the best place in the North/North East I’m really pleased that the North Tyneside Council is taking forward the regeneration of Whitley Bay to make it an even better shopping experience than it already is.”

These plans come after the council approved a £36m plan to revamp the coast in 2015, which saw major work done to regenerate sites from the Spanish City Dome to the promenades.

“I hope the recent fantastic regeneration of the coast, including the redeveloped promenade and the removal of derelict buildings, will spread prosperity into the town centre with better walking/cycling routes which will encourage local residents and visitors to connect from the seafront into the town centre,” councillor O’Shea added.

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A local business owner Dan Ellis, Founder Jam Jar Cinema, spoke to us about what changes he thinks Whitley Bay town centre needs: “We’d be keen to see changes to the public realm in the town centre, including new paving and the introduction of some very short stay parking where people could stop for up to 30 minutes to visit the bank, pop to a local shop or call in for tickets.

Whitley Bay has such great connections by bus and metro and with the planned cycle lane along the sea front, it really is a key destination. The only thing missing is somewhere to quickly stop and nip in to get essentials, plus a few box trees – a bit more greener never goes amiss.”

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