Newcastle, men’s fashion capital of the world?

Written by on 31st March 2023

End Clothing: From backstreet shop to the planet’s biggest online designer platform.

END CLOTHING NEWCASTLE. Image Credit: Josep Aulet Salazar


While Newcastle United’s new-found billions have not yet put them on top of the football world, another much younger Tyneside brand has conquered the fashion universe.

When END. CLOTHING’s Christiaan Ashworth and John Douglas Parker opened a tiny shop in Newcastle in 2005 few expected them to become the earliest pioneers in meshing high-end luxury with streetwear.

END CLOTHING first shop. Image credit: END CLOTHING official website

Even fewer would have predicted that, 16 years later, END. would be valued in a takeover deal at around £750million.

The initial investment in a company aimed at combining online and high-street retail selling contemporary menswear and sportswear?

Just £20,000 each for Ashworth and Parker.

By 2009 a second Newcastle branch was opened, followed by stores in London, Edinburgh and Manchester.

But the key to END.’s incredible success lies in the virtual world.

END. CLOTHING is now considered as one of the most influential streetwear and designer clothing online platforms on the planet.

But another reason why END. is special for all Newcastle citizens is that its creators managed to build something unique that reflects the charisma of the people in the North East…

Crucially, it´s a shop for literally everyone.

END CLOTHING NEWCASTLE. Image Credit: Josep Aulet Salazar

They have managed to create a safe space for modern fashion supporters. They collect different brands, some more special than others, to be able to help all kinds of public. While majority of customers are young and people with a clear idea of what they want, there are many others who visit END. CLOTHING hoping to find help.

Many young people base their styles on what they see on social media or their favourite celebrity.

The brand brings knowledge of current fashion and inspires its clients to express their character with their style.

Isaac Barnett, END. worker at a Newcastle shop, said: “Customers sometimes don’t have an idea of the brand, or they might be asking for a brand, but they don’t have an idea of what item from that brand they would like.

“So that’s obviously where we kind of come and give advice based on obviously what we have in store and what their preferences are. Another benefit of being in a store: they have the option that I’m around.”

END. doesn’t only worry about its sales, but to create a safe, judgement free environment.

Isaac added: “They tend to treat their staff a lot nicer than other places. Well, I don’t want to speak for other companies as such, but they treat us as staff really nicely.

“Really generous staff.

“And even just like wellbeing and stuff as well. We get emails regularly check on our wellbeing obviously, but they’re not compulsory to reply to. But it’s nice to know that they’re obviously looking for their staff when they need to.

Isaac also spoke about the advantages of the platform. The young worker highlighted the facilities offered by the shop.

He said: “We’ve got such a broad spectrum of brands. There’s a bit of everything in the store. Even sort of the different floors. On the ground floor, you can get like “Stone Island” and “CP Company”. So you’ve got like a higher price range. But then we also have brands like “FreedomWorks”, which is sort of a more smart casual brands design.“

END CLOTHING NEWCASTLE. Image Credit: Josep Aulet Salazar

END. wants its customers and employees to be able to express themselves naturally and confidently. The company wants them to be original and represent themselves with their own style. All this so that their employees feel as comfortable as possible in their workplace and can give 100% every day.

Isaac added: “So the good thing with vendors is that we don’t specifically have like I know that’s obviously not specifically the question, but in terms of actual style and representing the company, they don’t really have a preference on what you were.

“So you’re allowed to be as unique to yourself as you want to be as long as it’s obviously within the limitations of wear and brands.

“They give me the freedom to wear what I would like to wear to work.

“That helps customers as well because quite regularly you’ll get customers asking about items of clothing or brands that I or my colleagues would be wearing.

“Obviously within the limitations, you represent yourself while representing the brands as well.”

And END.’s genuinely worldwide appeal is summed up by Daniel Olabarria, a former model from Switzerland.

He said: “In my opinion, the END platform is one of the most influential in the current fashion world. I like it because you can find everything from “Streetwear” fashion to the highest luxury items.

“Its international image is good. This is because of its easy and fast shipping to many countries with reasonable shipping cost. My personal experience buying in was great. Very good customer service, good traceability of the order and good packaging.

“I really love that you enjoy wearing each piece you buy and they are perfect for discovering your style. End adapts to this perfectly thanks to its offer of minimalist styles to more complex styles. Thanks to this, end adapts to the needs of each client with a precision that other brands/platforms do not offer.”



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