Community Engagement: Charity treats Sunderland to three hours of music and dance

Written by on 21st March 2023

SMICC music team. Photo by: Immanuel

The Sunderland community was treated to three hours of music and dance by the Sunderland Maximum Impact Community Choir (SMICC) at Keel Square in a taster event aimed at bringing people together.  

Attendees of all ages and backgrounds came together in harmony, demonstrating the power of music to create a strong sense of community. 

Pastor Peter Adegbie, the founder of Maximum Impact Christian Center (MICC), said: “SMICC is funded by a sister charity, Maximum Impact Resource Centre (MIRC) under the Maximum Impact Group of charities (MIGC). He said MIRC is focused on education, culture, heritage, and history as instruments of building community cohesion and friendships. 

MIRC CIO will engage with people who ordinarily don’t want to attend religious services. We are currently developing a relationship with a food cooperative in Sunderland. 

Babatunde Akinluwa, Director of SMICC, said: “It is a multi-cultural and interdenominational event aimed at bringing people together from different backgrounds to celebrate the joy of music and community in the city of Sunderland. 

Babatunde Akinula, Director of SMICC

“Apart from creating impact through the performance of the community choir, this will be beneficial to different age groups. For the young ones, it will give them the opportunity to keep their minds busy and away from things that could harm them. 

“Don’t forget that singing and playing musical instruments are useful skills. This means that they get to develop their skills in the process of having fun and channeling their minds into something productive. 

Photo by: Immanuel

“For the older ones, music soothes, and it is a form of exercise. Also, when people listen to music or participate in it, at that point nothing else matters. Our aim is to promote social interactions, create networks and help with mental health issues.” 

He said the event will take place once every month and urged everyone to participate regardless of their knowledge of music.

Benoit Bobga, one of the assistant pastors at MICC, said: “This outreach marks the beginning of a series of events by the SMICC. Our goal is to transform the perception of music, which is sometimes unfairly associated with negativity, by emphasising its neutrality.

Benoit Bobga, one of the assistant pastors at MICC

“Furthermore, we aim to foster community engagement and encourage individuals to learn and participate in music.

“I think today was a success for the first time, but the next one should be better.”

Adeyinka Adeniran, a member of the music team, said: “The experience of singing and dancing was truly remarkable – one that I will always cherish. During the process, I was consumed with an overwhelming sense of joy and excitement that I have rarely experienced before. It was a moment of pure bliss, and I found myself fully immersed in it, forgetting all my worries and concerns.

Adeyinka Adeniran,team member

Adeyinka Adeniran, team member

“I had an indescribable feeling and a desire to experience it all over again. The memory will remain for a long time, and I look forward to the next one.”

Sheba Oke, who is also part of the music team, said: “To my surprise, this outing surpassed my expectations in every way possible. Initially, I had little interest in attending and was apprehensive about the experience. However, as the event unfolded, I found myself engrossed by the activities.

Sheba Oke, Music team member

“The level of engagement that I felt was completely unexpected, and I found myself enjoying every moment of it. Looking back, I am grateful that I decided to attend despite my reservations. It was an enriching experience that I will always remember.”

Gift Ujemeni said: “I was pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable it turned out to be. It was a stark reminder of the importance of trying new things and keeping an open mind. I’ve been searching for such an experience since arriving in Sunderland.

Gift Ujemeni, , Music team member

“I danced my heart out,” she added.

Aloysius Chukwu said it was his first time participating in something like this, adding that he was not only proud to be part of the team but was happy to play the role of one of the coordinators responsible for overseeing the well-being of the children.

Aloysius Chukwu, Volunteer

For more information on how to be part of the community choir, contact

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