Angel of the North – 25 years of standing proud

Written by on 15th February 2023

The Angel of the North turned 25 on Wednesday February 15, with this iconic landmark dominating Gateshead’s skyline.

The Angel was sculptured by Sir Antony Gormley, and was completed in 1998.

The 20-meter high statue is said to be the UK’s most viewed and famous work of art, whilst winning many accolades and awards over the last two decades as worked its way into our hearts.

It is estimated to be viewed by 33 million people every year, with its prime location next to the A1.

Source: worldometer and Gateshead Council

Coun Angela Douglas said: “It’s fantastic to be able to celebrate another milestone birthday for our Angel and we’re incredibly proud that one of the country’s most iconic landmarks is part of the Gateshead skyline.
“It’s amazing that this wonderful piece of art has been taken to people’s hearts and has been the backdrop for so many life events including personal milestones such as marriage proposals to big public events like the Tour of Britain.

People feel a connection to the Angel of the North and for many it is at its simplest a symbol of home.”

As part of the celebrations the Angel was visited by local school children from, Harlow Green Primary School and St Aidan’s Primary School, who have both been working with local artists on activities to celebrate the Angel.

“I’m delighted that all of the children were able to join us for this special occasion and
it was great to see some of the work they have created, it just shows how inspiring
our Angel continues to be”, Coun Douglas added.

Local Gateshead residents also had their say on the Angel, as Zoe Dawson said: “You know you are nearly home when you see her, if you’ve been on an adventure.”

Linda Boss said: “To me it means I’m home, I live just over the road. Walked there regularly with the grandchildren.”

Jane Tarr, Director North, Arts Council England also showed affection for the statue: “The Angel of the North has been an iconic Gateshead landmark for 25 years and its significance cannot be underestimated.

The Arts Council supported it with National Lottery funding and it’s fantastic to see that, a quarter of a century on, it is still standing proud and delighting local people and visitors.”

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