Shell’s increase in profits ‘wrong on every level’ claim local environmental movement

Written by on 2nd February 2023

The environmental movement, Extinction Rebellion North East, has accused the energy giant, Shell, of ‘putting profits before the planet’.

This anger comes after the energy companies announced it had recorded the highest profit in its 115 year history, as they saw a 53% increase to £68.1billion  in 2022 due to soaring oil prices.

These profit increases have also triggered calls from Labour MPs, for the government to expand the windfall tax on profits.

A local member from Extinction Rebellion North East said: “It is terrible for our fragile world, gradually being destroyed by the CO2 emissions linked directly to burning fossil fuels.

“Shell making record profits while ordinary people are paying record prices for gas and electric is wrong on every level. It is bad for everyone stuck in a cold house struggling to pay their bill. It is bad for those communities around the world blighted by Shell’s dirty practices.

“And to cap it all our government is hell bent on issuing more licences for more gas and oil extraction in the North Sea. Shell, and its political enablers, are putting profits before people and profits before the planet.

“History will look on this period of history and will see this as being the era of fossil fools. You can’t buy a new planet no matter how much you make.”

They added: “Extinction Rebellion has consistently opposed the expansion of North Sea oil. We stand by our simple demand of no new oil licences.”

A spokesman for Greenpeace has also said: “Shell is profiteering from climate destruction and immense human suffering.

“While Shell counts their record-breaking billions, people across the globe count the damage from the record-breaking droughts, heatwaves and floods this oil giant is fuelling.

“This is the stark reality of climate injustice, and we must end it. If they had pivoted their business and transitioned away from fossil fuels sooner, we wouldn’t be in such a deep crisis. It’s time for them to stop drilling and start paying.”

We approached Shell for a comment, but they haven’t responded.


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