Theatre Review: The Book Of Mormon

Written by on 24th October 2022

The lights went dark and The Book of Mormon had us at Hello!, the opening song.

It’s a production created by the directors of South Park, so humour and shock-value were to be expected going in. The show follows American Mormons who go to Uganda, sent off on their duty as missionaries.

The cast were some of the funniest and best I’ve seen, with Robert Colvin as Elder Price, who was superb, his enthusiasm was brilliant. Conner Pierson’s portrayal of Elder Cunningham. His comedic timing with each line was perfect. As an actor myself, I understand the difficulty getting the right comedic timing can be, but all of his jokes landed and the audience responded fittingly, which showed how great it was.

The music itself didn’t disappoint, either. The chemistry of the cast came into its own here as the harmonies shone through. The vocals were outstanding with amazing vocals across the whole cast. It wasn’t until about a quarter of the way through when I caught a glimpse of one of the mic packs they had on. They had convinced me from the start that they all just had good projection.

The choreography must also be commended too, from each song and dance to the literal performing of The Book of Mormon within the show.

Director Casey Nicholaw did an excellent job pulling everything together. It’s a show I’m definitely going to have to watch again when it next comes to Sunderland and will be keeping an eye out for all of the cast in their future projects.

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