North East university professor brands recent plunging temperatures as “normal” – and NOT evidence against climate change

Written by on 2nd April 2022

Despite the drastic changes in the weather over recent days in the North East, a respected Durham University meteorologist insists fast-rising or falling temperatures are “normal” for this time of year.  

And Professor Tim Burt has dismissed suggestions that the sudden return of winter is an argument against global warming.

Just days after being sat in beer gardens in shorts and t-shirts, people have been turning back to their winter coats this week as frost, hailstones and even snow hit the region. 

But Professor Burt insists there is nothing exceptional about the sudden change of 20-plus degrees celsius.

He said: “It’s normal for weather to change due to the arctic winds bringing in these sudden changes in temperatures.  

“We shouldn’t be surprised by these changes – especially in the North East.”

But Professor Burt added: “The underlying fact remains that spring on average has got hotter. 

“Long-term studies have found things are warming up; global warming is a real thing, it is happening, and it is definitely caused by us.

“We know that it isn’t being caused by natural changes such as volcanos – we need to reduce the number of gases we pump into the atmosphere and big sources of this come from cars, factories and housing.

“We need to find more sustainable and renewable sources of power, so that we can cut down on the levels of CO2 produced by sources like coal, oil and gas.  

“Using sustainable sources of energy like electricity, solar energy and wind farms would be so much more efficient, and help reduce the amount of carbon going into the atmosphere.” 

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