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By Chloe Short Horror films have been around for decades now. Starting off with the black and white classics, moving to the dark slashers of the 70s, then the zany B-movies of the 80s. But what about the 2000s? This decade seems to be making a comeback aesthetically, so why not in terms of films […]

By Ben Hanson Horror is a genre which has swept the globe and made people have nightmares throughout many households. As a result, society is always searching for the next big cultural phenomenon. This list names new and old movies from slashers to paranormal allowing something for every form of horror fan. Halloween (1978) To […]

By Joseph Lynch Film rating: 8/10 Three years after the enigmatic spectacle that was Dennis Villeneuve’s Dune, we are blessed with a sequel – and one that delivers. Sequels are often regarded as very hit-or-miss in our culture. Sometimes we get ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, other times we get ‘Jaws: The Revenge’. But Dune Two […]

By Joseph Lynch  Star Wars: The Prequel Trilogy – five words that can conflict a conversation. The original Star Wars trilogy reigned the silver screen from 1977 to 1983. The characters were immensely compelling, the fight scenes were stupendously crafted, and the level of poignancy and emotional depth that was applied was so strong that […]

David O. Russell’s latest foray into 30s noir has fallen spectacularly short, leaving this reviewer unfulfilled and confused. Murder mystery Amsterdam follows the characters of kooky doctor Burt Berendsen (Christian Bale) and credited lawyer Harold Woodman (John David Washington) as they seek to clear their name for the murder of Liz Meekins (Taylor Swift). However, […]

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