Hope and Shaun explore the local music scene

Written by on 1st November 2022

Getting To Know You

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Welcome to Season 3 of Getting to Know You. In this episode, Hope and Shaun visit The Bunker and Independent to learn about music production and live music venues in Sunderland, something they both enjoy. This episode features interviews with The Bunker’s Kenny Sanger and Independent’s Ben Richardson. They discuss producing music, experience of previous gigs in the spaces, and the bond that has developed between Hope (a Punk) and Shaun (who produces his own rap music). 

This podcast series has been made by students on the MA Radio, Audio and Podcasting course at the University of Sunderland. Produced by Hope Lynes and Shaun Boyle.

The Bunker: https://bunkeruk.com/ 

Independent: https://www.facebook.com/independentsunderland/ 

Music by Uppbeat.io

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