Welcome Spark and The University of Sunderland

Freshers 2020

Ohhh its been a very strange year so far hasn’t it, but that hasn’t stopped the crew at the University of Sunderland and Spark from creating a fresher’s experience that you’ll definitely remember for one reason or another!

This year the university has teamed up with programming company Virbela to bring a digital freshers experience like no other. The team have been working hard to create virtual space for freshers to explore society’s, facilities and even Dominos are making a appearance. As well as this there are scheduled events taking place all throughout the week, you can find you out more on University of Sunderland Facebook page or the Sunderland Students Union page.

To access our Virtual Campus you will need to download our Virtual Campus app which is available on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Follow the link bellow for more information. This is open to students who have received an email to the programme through there university inbox.

Spark have been working to make sure there is always something you can listen to! Our talented presenters will be on all week from the studio and the comfort of their own home to keep you entertained! Plus, we’ve got a tone of prizes to give out over the next week from everything from amazon vouchers to gym memberships! We are also hosting the end of week freshers party! Scott McGerty will be bringing the heat from 4PM on Friday 18th with an extended Dance Revolution. All of which you can listen to either on 107 FM, Online or join us in the virtual campus for a boggie!

There will be a member of the team in the system all week long! So if you’ve fancied having a go at presenting or maybe you fancy having a go at doing some of the behind scenes work like website design, production or even music playlisting, you can get involved with all. Come and chat to one of us and we can see how we get you involved!

We also have the Flying Start podcast series – a series welcoming you lovely lot into the university that you can access from the comfort of your home at any time! We’ve been talking to as many of the staff as possible on subjects such as how hybrid learning within the schools is going to work too how to set up your own society at the university!

You can find the links to programmes from Monday!

We look forward to seeing you all there!  

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