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Sunderland AFC have earned their place into the Championship Play-Offs, which is great for the football club, yet is also great for local businesses. Match days draw people into Sunderland’s town centre before kick-off therefore more money is spent in local shops and after, meaning the clubs and bars in the town will fill up […]

On May 31 it is World No Tobacco Day, which informs the public on the dangers of tobacco use and aims to draw attention to the preventable deaths and diseases it causes.   According to the Office for National Statistics, there has been a decline in the proportion of cigarette smokers as well as an […]

  As the weather warms up and flowers begin to bloom, it’s the perfect time to make your garden more bee-friendly. Bees play an important role in plant pollination, but their numbers are declining due to habitat loss and pesticide use. You can help these important pollinators and make your garden more vibrant and beautiful […]

Cyber-attacks have increased due to the world’s increased connectivity during the pandemic. Which strategies should you use to combat them? Globally, the world has resorted to the virtual world since 2020, when the Covid pandemic hit. Since it became impossible to fulfil basic needs outside, the population’s basic needs had to be met internally. Since […]

There is no denying that Sunderland achieving promotion through the play-offs would be absolutely massive for the club. Attendances will rise back up to the high 40,000s, top flight football would be back in the city and the famous Tyne-Wear derby would return after a long seven-year absence.   However, promotion would be massive for […]

Former teacher trainee from South Shields, Gillian Wilkinson, gave us her opinion on the current state of Disability Awareness within UK state schools. Wilkinson previously worked as a teacher trainee in South Shields Community School (which closed in 2020), and now works in the North East, teaching GCSE Business, A-Level Business and Law. According to […]

The North East saw its latest round of closures and strike activity on Tuesday May 2 with many different schools facing different levels of teaching available. The continuing disagreements between the National Education Union and the government regarding payments to teachers has led to action being taken in the form of striking, in the North […]

I recently had the oportunity to interview Vivien Watts the chief executive of Hope4Kidz charity. She speaks about what the charity raises awarness for and what donations the charity accepts. Hope4Kidz is a local sunderland charity ‘supporting children with learning difficulties, trauma and poverty’. Hope4Kidz organises free events which brings familes and comunities together. Their […]

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