Exclusive: Borussia Dortmund U19s manager speaks to Spark

Written by on 27th October 2023

Borussia Dortmund u19s felt “a little too comfortable” in their 2-1 victory over Newcastle United u19s at the Gateshead International Stadium yesterday according to manager Mike Tullberg.

Speaking exclusively to Spark Sunderland, Tullberg said his side played very well in the first half and should have wrapped up the game by half-time.

Dortmund led 12 minutes into the first half courtesy of a goal from Julian Rijkhoff, following fine work from Samuel Bamba down the left wing.

Tullberg’s side should have been out of sight, with Bamba, Kjell-Arik Wätjen, Cole Campbell, Danylo Krevsun and Hendry Blank all missing numerous opportunities to increase the advantage.

Tullberg told Spark: “I think we played very well; we had many chances and we should have closed the game in the first half but didn’t manage to do that.

“We could have scored a few more goals in the first half.”

They were given a scare in first-half stoppage time however, with Newcastle having a goal disallowed for a marginal offside.

Dortmund continued their dominance after the break, with a terrific solo goal from Bamba. The striker beat Newcastle right-back Leo Shahar for pace, before cutting inside on his right foot and firing the ball between the legs of Aidan Harris in the home goal.

Julian Rijkhoff opened the scoring for the visitors. (Credit: Borussia Dortmund)

It was following this goal that Tullberg felt his Dortmund side lifted their foot off the accelerator.

“After 2-0, we felt a little too comfortable and we opened the game a little bit.”

The Magpies were better in the second period and reduced the deficit in the 73rd minute through Sean Neave, after terrific work from Johnny Emerson down the Newcastle right.

When asked if he felt nervous towards the end of the game as Newcastle pressed for an equaliser, Tullberg gave a comedic response: “At home, I’m nervous with my wife and children, here I was not.

“At 2-1, it’s an open game a little bit, but we kept on fighting and in the end, it was a positive win.”

Samuel Bamba, arguably the player of the match was replaced with just under 15 minutes to go, but Tullberg had his reasons for the substitution.

“Samuel has not been playing that much for the under-23s, so he was tired. So to avoid any injuries I took him out.”

Hendry Blank was also substituted after 60 minutes, but Tullberg said that this was the most he could have played as he was on the bench for the Borussia Dortmund first team in their Champions League group game against Newcastle later that evening.

Tullberg’s side joined AC Milan and Paris Saint-Germain on six points, whilst Newcastle remain rooted to the bottom after a third straight defeat in the competition.

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