Durham County Council proposes dog ban on Seaham Beach

Written by on 8th February 2023

The council have proposed a seasonal ban on dogs from the popular slope beach in Seaham, amongst other new restrictions. 

Proposed under the Durham County Council Dog Controls Public Space Protection order 2023, dog walkers will face a seasonal ban on the Seaham beach between 10am and 3pm from May until September.

In the proposals that are acting as an extension to the current PSPO (public space protection order), the council said: “Dog fouling and other dog related issues remain a key area of concern for communities across the county. We are therefore proposing to expand the PSPO to tackle other issues.”

Kelly, a dog walker who’s business is based in Seaham, has mixed views on the prospect of a ban; she said: “It’s one of those that I’m 50/50, I can understand why people would want them banned as dogs can cause a disturbance.”

It seems the beach is currently popular with dog owners. Image credit: Kelly’s K-9’s – Dog Walking and Pet Services

She added: “I was always under the impression this was a private beach, if they do decide to ban I can sadly see less visitors down the marina which obviously will effect business.”

Dogs may soon be banned from the scenic beach. Image credit: Kelly’s K-9’s – Dog Walking and Pet Services

Alongside the seasonal beach ban, the council are proposing banning anyone from walking six dogs at one time as well as prohibiting dogs from ‘fenced off play areas’ and making leads mandatory on ‘identified sports pitches’. 

Under current measures, the PSPO (public space protection order), makes it an offence to:

  • allow a dog to foul without picking it up
  • allow a dog to stray
  • fail to put a dog on a lead when asked to do so by an authorised person (council staff, neighbourhood wardens or police officer)
  • allow a dog in a fenced off play area it should not be in

An expansion of these rules would see the ban on the slope beach in Seaham, as well as limiting the number of dogs that can be walked at once to six.

However, the bill is still in it’s early stages as the council appeals for feedback on the proposal.

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