Abi Fernandez looks back on augmented reality game that took over summer 2016 – and many are still playing it. Pokemon GO. What is it? It is an augmented reality game that took over our summer. Simple. If you haven’t heard of it, it is a free app for your smartphone, which came out in […]

Charlotte Price asks ‘what’s next?’ after Sunderland loses 2021 bid Despite losing out to Coventry in the 2021 City of Culture title, Sunderland remain upbeat about what lies ahead. Cultural leaders have vowed to carry on with the planned programme of activities for the city to enjoy. The City of Culture bid was launched in […]

Starting the year off with a health kick? Charlotte Price has two big trends that might be for you this January. Making lifestyle changes in January may seem cliché to some, but for others it not only helps them, mentally and physically but also helps raise awareness and money for many things. There is a […]

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