The First Pride Was a Riot

with Kat Thompson

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with Kat Thompson

Your hour of LGBTQ+ information and music on Spark. Full of queer music, history, and recommendations.


The First Pride Was a Riot is an hour of all things LGBTQ+ here on Spark, bringing attention to queer existence for your weekend. We bring you LGBTQ+ history to help you know about the community. There is a “new” LGBTQ+ artist every week – either someone who has just come out as LGBTQ+ or someone who is LGBTQ+ but isn’t very widely known. You will get a “pride recommendation” each week – some media we have consumed which relates to the LGBTQ+ community that we think you should check out too. The First Pride is simply an hour full of all things LGBTQ+ including what’s going on in the worldwide community and a little closer to home too. Join us – whether you’re part of the Alphabet Mafia or an ally – you’re always welcome!

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