University of Sunderland Students Union

The University of Sunderland has launched a campaign this week tackling attitudes to hate crime, harassment and violence. The campaign, which includes an animated video, posters and a poem focusing on what is acceptable behaviour, has been created by two University of Sunderland graduates. The new campaign was created in response to a national call […]

 The University of Sunderland’s, Student Union have selected three new Sabbatical Officers in three new roles for the next academic year. The Students Union earlier in the year announced that they would be removing the five current roles and turning them into three new roles. The new roles are, President of Education, President of Wellbeing and President […]

The University of Sunderland’s Student Union have revealed changes to the Executive Team of Sabbatical Officers for the upcoming academic year 2018/2019.  As it stand currently five officers are elected to the Students Union each year – four Vice-Presidents and an overall President with each have varying responsibilities. The roles are currently as follows: Vice-President […]

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