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Monday 7:00 pm 8:00 pm

with Hannah Phipps

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Launchpad is Spark's brand new music show, and kicks off you week of evening music programming on Spark so it's a great way to get stuck in to what we have to offer. Each week I will play you a COMPLETELY NEW set of tracks, that will change each time you listen - nothing ever gets repeated, so you never know what it will sound like next. Whether you are looking for tracks that are chilled out, hype you up for the week ahead, or if you are a lover of all music no matter the genre, each Monday I will bring you something that you will love and will be adding to your weekly playlists. I will bring you hand selected tracks that are brand new and super fresh on the radio. These are from artists that you already know and love, but you also have the opportunity to discover brand new up and coming artists as well, and I will provide you with all the facts and info you need to know when it comes to these artists. Alongside that, I will also bring you interviews from them, so they can tell  you in their own words why you should listen to and watch them. So if you love brand new music, brand new genres and getting all the music knowledge you could wish for, Launchpad will bring you everything you need to set you up for the week ahead.

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