Saturday Night Party

YOUR Saturday Night starts right now!

Join Lauren McLeish every Saturday night 8pm-10pm to get your weekend started!

Whether you’re looking for something to listen to whilst you get ready to go out with friends, or a night in at home: we’ve got you sorted.

We asked Lauren some questions so you can get to know her a little better!

Q1: Describe yourself in three words? 
A: Energetic, fun, short

Q2: What nickname did you have as child?
A: Shorty

Q3: What’s your Karaoke song of choice?
A: Scooter – The Logical Song

Q4: What is your claim to fame? 
A: Was once on LadBible 😂

Q5: Do you have pets/like animals? 

Q6: Who was your last text from? 
A: Dominos

Q7: Do you have any party tricks? 
A: Can fit my fist in my mouth

Q8: Whats your all time favourite song? 
A: The Guru Josh Project – Infinity (2008)