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We asked Hayden, Harry & Taylor some questions so you can get to know them better

Q1: Describe yourself in three words?
Harry: Star Wars Nerd
Taylor: ?
Hayden: Mans not hot

Q2: What nickname did you have as child?
Harry: Hazza G
Taylor: Cookie
Hayden: Bucket

Q3: What’s your Karaoke song of choice?
Harry: Kansas-Dust in the Wind
Taylor: Don’t have one?
Hayden: S Club 7 – Don’t Stop Movin’

Q4: What is your claim to fame?
Harry: Related to Ricky Gardiner, Writer of the Iggy Pop song, The Passenger
Taylor: Related to Kate Middleton. Something like 6th cousin
Hayden: I was in a band and we had our music on BBC Introducing on Radio 1.

Q5: Do you have pets/like animals?
Harry: A dog called Freddie
Taylor: 2 cats both of them from Cyprus
Hayden: No but my mum has two dogs

Q6: Who was your last text from?
Harry: My Brother
Taylor: My Bro
Hayden: My Girlfriend

Q7: Do you have any party tricks?
Harry: No
Taylor: No
Hayden: I’m good at scrabble

Q8: Whats your all time favourite song?
Harry: Def Leppard-Pour Some Sugar on Me
Taylor: Don’t really have one but I do listen to a lot of Adele
Hayden: Darude – Sandstorm