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Monday 12:00 pm 3:00 pm

Mondays with Adam Wood

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Adam Wood's got the best music and chat for your Monday Afternoon!

Every Monday 12pm

Adam Wood takes you through your Monday afternoons.

Join him from 12pm-3pm with great music and chat!

We asked Adam some questions so you can get to know him a little better!

Q1: Describe yourself in three words? 
A: I turn up

Q2: What nickname did you have as child?
A: Well, I had a few and some which probably aren’t allowed on the internet but Woody was my main one.

Q3: What’s your Karaoke song of choice?
A: Adele – Hello

Q4: What is your claim to fame? 
A: As a child I appeared on Blue Peter and to this day the photo remains hidden from public view.

Q5: Do you have pets/like animals? 
A: Yeh – I have a Shitzu called Olly.

Q6: Who was your last text from? 
A: Thats for me and the last person who text me to know 😉

Q7: Do you have any party tricks? 
A: Not really just good at making a show of myself

Q8: Whats your all time favourite song? 
A: Has to be from the Mega Mix from the Musical Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat

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