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Abbie Burgess is with now with you every Tuesday afternoon with great music, chat and interviews.

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We asked Abbie some questions so you can get to know her a little better!

Q1: Describe yourself in three words? 
A: Fun, Awkward, Panicky

Q2: What nickname did you have as child?
A: AbFab

Q3: What’s your Karaoke song of choice?
A: Ed Sheeran, Shape of You (there is a story… It always played whenever me and Jess were together in China, literally every place, and then it was the first song that came on when we got to KTV (Chinese karaoke)

Q4: What is your claim to fame? 
A: I opened the Canadian Parliament when I was 8.

Q5: Do you have pets/like animals? 
A: I have a Yorkshire terrier called Gyp

Q6: Who was your last text from? 
A: Sam – a friend.

Q7: Do you have any party tricks? 
A: No.

Q8: Whats your all time favourite song? 
A: Adele, Hello (sorry guys!)