Author: Nathan Ely

It has been a very strange few months hasn’t it? We have been in a weird environment with the constant pressure of what the ‘ new normal’ will look like with us being in the middle of the ‘Rona’ pandemic of 2020. Because we have been stuck at home, we have not got to see […]

The time of the year has arrived where we think football. The EFL started last week with a convincing second half win for Sunderland against Charlton Athletic. Optimism is present across Wearside with season ticket sales up and more supporters regaining faith in the football team again. Jack Ross, the main man in the helm, […]

We are getting to that stage of the year where the next steps of your career needs to be decided. The Next Step Series will be a collection of broadcasts across Sunderland that will help you make the right decision after you receive your A Level or GCSE Results. Nathan Ely will take the station […]

Now, is this all you ever wanted? Basshunter came to The Point in Sunderland and never disappointing. Basshunter is a regular to North East soil as he has done many sets in Newcastle and surrounding areas but now he has decided to ‘see what the city is made of’. Being a fresher at university is […]

The city of Sunderland has so much to offer in terms of opportunities.  NCTG training group has some great chances to gain some valuable experience with some leading hospitality industries in Sunderland. Joseph is chatting about personal licence, security opportunities and a chance to gain valuable experience in your career. The hospitality industry is a […]

Guess what is coming in 2018 in Sunderland? The tall ships races arrive in our city in 2018. It see’s up too 80 tall ships arrive in our port and this will be a great provider of tourism and stability to the city of Sunderland. The sail training and launch has already started, volunteers are […]

Rats in the city are becoming a highly spoken topic with them featuring in many inner city areas alongside with some residential areas of Sunderland. Have you noticed this yourself?  

As always on Thursday drive we give you some weird and wonderful concepts to thing about. Nathan and Liam spoke about the million pound ticket. Liam is convinced that he’s won  £1 million. It is very clear that he has not.  Take a listen here!

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