Radio in Lockdown

Written by on 18th April 2021

Before the coronavirus lockdown, it was easy to keep yourself entertained to avoid feeling lonely; go to the pub, catch up with friends, the list is endless. However, during lockdown and waiting for restrictions to rise, people have been forced to seek new ways of staying connected to one another. For many, this was tuning into radio.

We spoke to Spark Sunderland’s Friday drivetime presenter, Emma Millen, regarding the significance of radio during lockdown. She said, “Radio is very powerful, presenters have a huge role in people’s lives and in many cases become friends for people to rely on. I do feel important, I feel as though people need a pick me up and that’s what I want my show to be.”

As with everything, Spark has had to adapt due to the Coronavirus lockdown; all our presenters were forced to leave the studio and broadcast from home. Speaking to Homegrown Hip-Hop presenter, Chrissy Cameron, he said, “I started at Spark in November 2020 so broadcasting from home is all I’ve known. I’ve enjoyed it, it has given me the opportunity to find my feet as a presenter rather than going straight into a studio broadcasting my show live. However, I feel I’d be a lot more energetic if I was sat in a studio recording my links. At home, I am mindful of who’s in the house when I’m recording which can sometimes affect the tone of my voice. I am looking forward to when I can come into the studio to record as I feel that will be when I can take my presenting to the next level”.

You can check out how The Milking Parlour presenter, Megan Hayward, has been broadcasting her shows from student halls on our TikTok page @SparkSunderland here –

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