Written by on 15th September 2020

2020 freshers is going to be that little big different this year!

As the world around us is changing and adapting to the effects of Covid19 so is university life here at the University of Sunderland.

Whether you have created your avatar and had a look around our virtual campus or had a trip to our real life beach close to the city, you have officially started your university journey and we want to give you a massive welcome to Sunderland!

Maybe your a brand spanking new student thats travelled across the country to be here or your returning to finish your studies this year is set out to go down in history in the way your course will be taught and experienced so we here at Spark have created our ‘Flying Start’ Podcast to help you get your head around what’s to come.

Each episode of the podcast will be dropping on Spark at 12pm each day or you can catch each episode right here too!

Episode 1 – Welcome to Sunderland

Episode 2 – Ahhh Covid!

Episode 3 – Services

Episode 4 – SU and Services

Episode 5 – Life Stories

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