Becky Hill Supported by L Devine

Written by on 15th September 2020

It has been a very strange few months hasn’t it? We have been in a weird environment with the constant pressure of what the ‘ new normal’ will look like with us being in the middle of the ‘Rona’ pandemic of 2020.

Because we have been stuck at home, we have not got to see our favourite band, DJ or Solo Artist preform live and we have all been itching to attend gigs again. When the Virgin Money Arena in Gosforth Park announced they were putting together a series of  open air gigs in the North East this was something we just had to see!

L Devine, Also known as Olivia Devine would be classed to us as a local artist with her hometown being Whitley Bay. At the age of 23 she is bagged with a phenomenal amount of talent that the Geordie Crowd of the money arena just welcomed with open arms. L Devine is a very confident performer who is amazing at speaking to her fans about her life, how her singles have been created and how happy she was to be performing her first gig after COVID-19 Lockdown. Like we was expecting she performed her classic tracks of ‘ Peachy Keen’ and ‘ Boring People’ alongside dropping her new single ‘ Girls Like Sex ‘ which should be hitting our playlist very soon.

L Devine has been labelled ‘the future of pop’ by Charli XCX which is a perfect support act for someone that will never fail to impress with her vocal range. The feeling of award winning singles that Becky Hill has delivered, along with the rugged feel of her voice is exactly what people needed after being stuck at home for 5 months. Becky Hill arrived on the stage with a huge cheer from the festival like crowd at Gosforth Park where the recognisable sound of False Alarm with Matoma was our warm up of what Becky could potentially perform to us.

The feelings of music are about emotion and connectivity and Becky Hill’s raw vocals are something that can release all the hidden endorphins that has been locked away during COVID-19. This was something she continued to do to the Gosforth Park crowd and in my opinion really made the humble feel of appreciation to everyone that paid to see her.

It was a much needed release of stress for many in a environment that they could just sing and rave to all of Becky Hill’s recognisable bangers and much was the same when she ended her amazing set with ‘ Wish You Well’ that is easily the best single of hers to have emotion and recognition

Overall, Becky and L Devine equally are fantastic and it was great to be gigging again! Let’s hope we can see more people soon…

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