Sunderland’s Cal Pacino’s biggest Bellator bout now OFF

Written by on 1st February 2020

Cal Pacino’s biggest Bellator bout has been put off for the second time. The fight that was scheduled to take place in Dublin on Saturday 22nd February has been cancelled as James “The Strabanimal” Gallagher has had to pull out due to an injury.


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Cal “Pacino” Ellenor is set to main event as he feels ‘bulletproof’

The Grindon born fighter is to face Irishman, James “The Strabanimal” Gallagher on home turf in Dublin, Ireland on Saturday 22nd February as his biggest bout to date is to be broadcast on Channel 5

Main eventing the Bantamweight fight, Cal was given the all clear after an incorrect brain scan reading meant he couldn’t compete and facing retirement after fighting in South Africa. Speaking on the scan, Cal says, “They thought it was a massive change in a small space of time, but it’s been the same as it’s always been.”

After getting the all clear, the fight against “The Strabanimal” is a reschedule from last September when the original fight was penciled in. On paper, it looks to be a very close fight as both records are very similar with “Pacino” being 8-2 and “The Strabanimal” being 10-1. Preparing for the fight, Cal says his mind set is the same as always, “I fell bulletproof and I believe in my abilities and I want to test myself.”

Sunderland MMA fighter Cal “Pacino”


Grindon born but staying in Sunderland, Cal joins fellow successful MMA fighter from the city including current Bellator fighter Ryan Scope, Ross Pearson, Phil De Fries who all fought in the UFC. Speaking of coming from the city and making the journey, cal says, “Being from where we are, you’ve got to work so much harder to get recognition”

The fight is set to take place at the 3Areana in Dublin Ireland on Saturday 22nd February and is to be aired live on Channel 5. Ahead of the bout, Cal says, “I feel I’m being severely underestimated, I fell like, they think they’ve got a walk in the park….so I’m relishing at getting the fight done.”

Cal “Pacino” originally spoke to us on Friday Drivetime and you catch the full interview below:]


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