Jonny Talks to Peter Hayes – senior lecturer in politics, about Boris Johnson becoming the new PM.

Written by on 23rd July 2019

Today is the day that we are given a shiny new prime minister,

Boris Johnson is now officially our new PM and Jonny has been fishing around to figure out what people think.

Peter Hayes is the senior lecturer in politics at The University Of Sunderland and hes been chatting to Jonny on Drivetime about what the reign of Boris will mean for the students in universities across the country.

Tomorrow – Theresa May will resign from power and Queen Elizabeth will invite Boris to form a new government which will entail a large amount of re-shuffling of people and power in parliament.

Brexit will be a big thing in the mind of Boris and his close colleagues in number 10 – and he has to get it done before the deadline on Halloween and it has to be the right choice and be accepted by government – this is his main and first big job as PM and he needs to hit the ground running – peter thinks that he should perhaps put forward the ideas and package that Theresa put down and try to convince the cabinet to accept it again, rather than tarting a new proposal from scratch which would take up precious time.

The interview delves into the realms of international students and the ideas of the PM and his party.

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