INTERVIEW: Personal Trainer and founder of GYMBAM Jimmy Bamborough

Written by on 7th May 2019

I recently had the privilege of talking to Personal Trainer and founder of GYMBAM Jimmy Bamborough. You can tune in to Spark on 107FM or online on Wednesday (8th May) to hear the full interview, but for now here’s a sneak-peak of what we spoke about!

Jimmy: “Hi my name’s Jimmy Bamborough, I am a personal trainer. I have been for seven years now working at the gym in Roker called Fitness 2000. The company I run is called GYMBAM. I run my own online program. I run on one on ones, which is your one on one personal training session. I also run a fat to fit class, which is a six week program for specifically for overweight people. The stuff I always do is, keep your training sessions exciting, short and intense. And I think that’s the best way to keep people entertained and to get the best results.”

What made you want to start as a personal trainer?

Jimmy: “I’ve always been involved in football and keeping fit since I was a boy. I think when you leave school there’s bit of a pressure on you to get a normal job type of thing. I tried a few things. Education wasn’t my thing, I was always like mucking around in classrooms and stuff out. And then I tried to get an apprenticeship. But I absolutely despised the point where I would see a building site and it would put me in a mood. And I just thought, sod this and it do something I enjoy doing. And if there’s a job out there that you can actually get paid to do, like, let’s go for it. So I signed up and got all my qualifications and I’ve never ever looked back. I love it.”

So in terms of exercise, why you think it’s important that people exercise regularly or at all?

Jimmy: “At any age, it’s so important to keep fit. I mean it’s great to keep fit. I heard an old person that’s like 94 year old or something and he was asked the same question. Why do you think it’s important to keep fit? And he said, you don’t want your body to figure out it’s getting old. And it’s just like it’s working with your tools. You know, your body is the best tool you’ll ever own and when you just sit and down and you’re not using it, It’s mental health, It is physical health. It sets you up for days ahead. It’s hard to be in a bad mood after a good workout session.”

How important is a person’s diet on a budget?

You will never out train a horrendous diet. However, i’m a personal trainer, and you’d be going a long way to find another personal train who does enjoy a takeaway every now and again. . It’s all about moderation. Do you know what I mean? So in terms of diet, obviously your food is fuel. It’s if you’re constantly eating garbage then don’t be surprised if you’re feeling like garbage. I think it’s a good way for students as well as to just, or anyone is to just prepare your food. You know what I mean? And try and eat whole foods. Not manufactured stuff like cereal or a cereal bar. People think cereal bars are healthy. Cereal bars is just basically a biscuit. So just trying to stick to whole foods. And try for example, like me and my girlfriend, we’ll go shopping every week, get all the food in. So it’s done. If you don’t have any time, so you’ve got a lot on. Or you’re very busy, the last thing you want to be doing is then coming home at night and then no food being prepared. Because then you will end up saying, oh, let’s just get a takeaway, cause, you know, I think, I think food preparation is key to sustain a good diet. And that’s just cutting out all the rubbish costs. You know, people do enjoy the junk food. Again, it’s just about being in moderation and not making sure you’re not having them every meal

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