University chaplain joins local community in prayer after New Zealand attacks

Written by on 18th March 2019

Photo credit: Sunderland Interfaith Forum

University of Sunderland chaplain Chris Howson spoke to Drivetime presenter Katie Baggott about their ‘Together for Peace’ event at St Marks road mosque today.

Prayers for solidarity are needed after the New Zealand terrorist attacks last Friday. This special Sunderland Interfaith Forum event took place tonight in the city to show solidarity and support from people of all faith sectors of the local community of Sunderland after the atrocity in New Zealand.

The Masjid e Anwaar e Madinah Mosque is open to all for this event in a gesture of peace and reconciliation.

Chris Howson, chaplain at the University of Sunderland said: “Prayers of solidarity are needed at this time in our local community, that is why we joined together in faith at the mosque tonight, together in peace.”

The university is also holding a Global Friendship evening for its students, every Tuesday night 7 – 9 pm, this is an event where all students can talk and share their experiences.

The ‘Together for Peace’ event was held at Saint Marks Road mosque from 5pm until around 5.45pm.

Listen below to words from University chaplain Chris Howson who talks about the event (skip to 15:30 – 21:30 for more information):


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