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Written by on 10th December 2018

22 tear old Nicky Robinson from Thornley, County Durham, created Project Aid which aims to raise money to support and help for the homeless as it’s a major problem. Nicky wants to be able to create this platform for other people to be able to help make a difference. I’m sure we all would hate to be in that situation so helping out even just a little will make a big difference.

Nicky got together with several musicians and some unsigned artists, they recorded and recreated the 1984 classic, Band Aid “Do they know it’s Christmas”. These are all local singer/songwriters, all proceeds to homeless charity.

The singers include:

Nicky Ré, (Nicky Robinson), Thornley, 22
Therese Carroll, Newcastle, 28
Craig Riley, middlesborough, 27
Bryoni Askew, Consett, 16
Kati Gill, Kent, 32
Sarah Coleman, 24

Voykl – Kye Huggins, York, 32 – wrote the rap lyrics

Songwriter amend lyrics:
Amber Woollett, 22 from Brandon, changed the lyrics to get the feel on homeless vibe for the song.

Project Aid is uploaded at

And on youtube at the donation link is:

This has been professionally created by Blast Recording Studios and a film production crew and will be published at
The charities your donations will go to are:

NEH (North East Homeless) which are totally voluntary.


DASH (Durham Action on Single Housing)

They’re both amazing charities that help from the street up..

If you can give anything, even just a little, it could go a long way. Or even just by sharing their amazing video can help massively!

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