INTERVIEW: Lewis Bowden talks to Tom Grennan

Written by on 26th October 2018

Prior his gig at the Northumbria Institute, Lewis Bowden sat down with Tom Grennan to talk about, Gravy, his new album and new music!

How excited are you to be up here in the North East?

 I love it man, Newcastle crowds are always a bit mad so. It is gunna’ be a good I’m trying to reserve my energy, yesterday I flew into Glasgow from South Africa so I think going from cold to hot, too hot to cold has thrown me off.

I have heard from people who I have spoken to from down south that the gravy up here is better, care to weigh in on the subject?

Yeah, it’s good gravy man, my mam actually text me saying get some gravy because it is good and it will make you better.

Last time we spoke it was before the release of your new album Lighting Matches, since then it has banged top 5, how do you feel about that and the reaction you received from it?

It is good man! I am really buzzing! I am humbled by it, I haven’t taken the time to sit down and realize what is going on but everyone who has got the album and taken it in have seemed to really warm to it, so yeah I am over the moon.

When I have listened to the album it feels like it has a lot of depth and still feels fresh after repeating it. What did you set out to create with the album and do you think you achieved that?

I set out to make a classic record, a record that will be around in 50 years’ time and people go back to and say that still sounds fresh and relevant. I think I have achieved that but we will see in 50 years.

There are no collabs on this album, was this an intentional choice to establish yourself as a solo artist and show what you are all about?

Yeah man, because I did that thing with Chase and Status and Bugzy Malone, I think it was time for me to take my turn to be a true artist, I thought I was ready to be my own thing.

Last time we spoke you were preparing to jump out a plane for mind charity, raising £1250, since then you have done the jump, how was that experience?

It was pretty scary, but it was amazing, it was one of the best feelings I have ever experienced.

You said that you want to make your tour more of a show, what should people expect when they see you live?

High energy, but also will make you cry, laugh, hug and just a good night.

 We have the new album, the new tour, what else can we look forward to from Tom Grennan.

Definitely a second album and a lot more music, I want to be putting out music that is relevant and that makes people go mental.

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