Next Step Series with Spark

Written by on 10th August 2018

We are getting to that stage of the year where the next steps of your career needs to be decided. The Next Step Series will be a collection of broadcasts across Sunderland that will help you make the right decision after you receive your A Level or GCSE Results.

Nathan Ely will take the station to a collection of colleges, career advise centres and community interest companies to provide you with the best advise going forward. If you are deciding to attend university or even going to take a college course,The Next Step Series will have something for you.




Here are the locations that the tour will be visiting in August:

Day 1 Thursday 16th – A Level Breakfast with Sunderland College 

Day 2 Friday 17th – Sunderland Young Carers Centre

Day 3- Monday 2oth- Sunderland Software City 

Day 4- Tuesday 21st – Penshaw View Training 

Day 5- Wednesday 22nd- VCAS Sunderland 

Day 6- Thursday 23rd- GSCE Results Breakfast with Nathan Ely

You can listen across Sunderland on 107FM or come and click our website and find the next step of your career with Spark!

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