Rob Temple: Live and Outrageous

Written by on 2nd August 2018

Robert Temple is a comedy hypnotist that promises to take his subjects to the greatest acting school in the world, allowing them to work with their imaginations to the very best of their abilities while providing the perfect comedy backdrop.

Genuinely funny, Robert Temple offers an evening for people to lose their inhibitions and laugh (and do! if you’re one of his volunteers) all night.

Volunteers are selected from the audience and can opt out at any point, providing a real mix of people and characters ensuring that no two shows are never going to be the same.

Robert Temple is amazing, going with the flow and reacting perfectly to the hypnotised volunteers, as they react sometimes unpredictably, and sometimes oddly the ‘suggestion’.

This show is not for the easily offended, or the sensitive, and you definitely have to be over 18 to be hypnotised, due to the language and suggestions used throughout, but it is great fun.

Mr Temple also offers shows which are more suited to a more conservative audience, maybe for a business event, and I’d have every confidence they are as brilliant as the show last night was!


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