Lord Puttnam: Shaping the values of a post-brexit world

Written by on 3rd July 2018

Oscar-winning film producer Lord David Puttnam has today addressed one of the most diverse issues in the UK.

Lord Puttnam has returned to the University of Sunderland, to the building built during his time as Chancellor (1997-2007). Spark Report’s Charlotte Price spoke to Lord Puttnam about what he’s been doing in Sunderland today:

Brexit has not only left a division in the UK between voters of leave and remain, but it has also impacted the younger generation. 

 These are the worst divisions I have ever seen in my lifetime.  Brexit has thoroughly confused young people and the division that has occurred is between young people and old people and that is really serious.”- Lord Puttnam

In a public lecture this afternoon at The University of Sunderland’s Hope Street Exchange building he emphasised that Brexit is likely to happen and looks forward to how the country can heal its divisions. 

We have got to find common goals and objectives, and in order to get past this we need to start trusting each other.  We need to be making the argument of what unites us and the belief that we will get nowhere unless we solve this problem. We can’t afford to let this happen to the UK.”- Lord Puttnam

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