One in 10 football fans love their team more than their partner

Written by on 14th June 2018

A new survey has revealed that English fans are hopeless romantics when it comes to their squad, with one in 10 admitting they love their team more than their partner.

The survey also found that more than a quarter (28%) were willing to give up sex for over a month if it meant seeing England succeed in Russia and 17% would be okay with missing their anniversary if it meant they could see a football match.

The research carried out by surveyed a total of 5,000 football fans in Brazil, Argentina, Russia, England and Germany, through Atomik Research, to find out which country had the most passionate fans.

To show the data gathered from this survey, has created the Passionometer, an interactive tool that compares how much fans around the globe would give up to see their team succeed in Russia.

The data revealed what fans would give up if it meant their favourite team would win the next big football tournament.

38% of English fans said they would give up alcohol for a month or longer and 33% said they would give up their favourite food.

Commitment to their team doesn’t outweigh their other commitments, though, as nearly half of English fans (48%) would never call in sick in order to see their favourite team play and another 46% wouldn’t miss any other event for a football match.

Meanwhile, only 11% of those surveyed go to every single match of their favourite team, with 37% not going to matches at all.

Compared with fans around the world, England are not as committed to their team when it comes to displaying their team colours.

Nearly half (47%) of the English football fans admit to never buying the football kit from their favourite team, with only 1 in 10 buying the kit every time it’s released.

This compared with over a quarter (27%) of Brazilian fans that buy every new kit and one fifth (20%) of German fans buying a new kit every few releases.

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