Northumbria Police to deliver Pizza boxes to students in new burglary campaign

Written by on 19th May 2018

Students who forget to lock their doors and close windows will be paid a visit by a different kind of pizza delivery man – in a new campaign launched by police in Newcastle.

Areas such as Heaton and Jesmond have large student populations and officers in the area believe thieves could be targeting student properties as they are often left unlocked.

Regular patrols are conducted in the area to educate students to keep their doors and windows locked but police are not convinced the message is getting through.

Since the beginning of the month police have received a spike in reports of burglaries in the East End with 32 incidents in just one month.

As a result, Northumbria Police has launched a brand new campaign to educate students – that will see cops delivering pizza boxes to their door.

The pizza boxes will contain a takeaway menu containing a host of crime prevention advice and a warning message – “this time it’s an empty pizza box, next time it could be an empty home”.

Officers are launching the campaign now as they often see a spike in burglaries at student properties over the summer period when properties are left empty and insecure.


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