Twist: An Atlas Theatre Company Production

Written by on 12th May 2018

Twist is a re-imagined, contemporary, play written by Abigail Oliver and Holly-Rose Kneller, based on the time-honoured Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens.

A classic story was brought into the modern era, staying true to the original story that we all know and love, with a unique ‘twist’. (sorry…)

The set was really simple, and yet the actors managed to change the feel and the location of it with ease, taking us from a back alley, to a busy train station, to a night club, with only minor changes in lighting.

The lighting was also responsible for our sense of time- a really intimate, waking up early in the morning scene was made with just the right lighting!

Sound was really key in the production, and it was done really well. As a radio person, I notice when its not right, but it was absolutely perfect.

Each scene was introduced with its own music, and the play itself started with a newsreel of various crimes committed against and by, the homeless community in London, taking us to the centre of the story instantly.

All of the cast were incredible, but a special mention has to be made of Abigail Oliver; one of the producers and Fagin. Her ability to switch the way she does, from relatively friendly to cold and dark, but absolutely in control was impressive.

Abigail Oliver

Also, Shannon Rankin, who played new characters, Corny and Major. Her monologue brought us to tears, and was utterly devastating in its honest, open discussion of why her characters ended up on the streets.

Shannon Rankin

Most characters had one, written from real stories from real people, highlighting critical issues in today’s society, in the same way the novel did in 1838.

The contrast between the ‘outside’ world, and the inter-connected one of the homeless people was narrated beautifully with DI Campbell, and his long-lost brother, Dawson, who he had thought was killed. Dawson, played by Joel Carter, had a real anger and energy that brought his character’s point home.

Joel Carter

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