Sunderland Gaming Venue hosts FIFA Tournament

Written by on 21st March 2018

Sunderland gaming venue, Harry’s Game Shack, is hosting a FIFA 18 knockout tournament this weekend on Saturday 24 March.

Competitors will be able to prove who is king at the popular football video game and have a chance to win 2200 FIFA points.

The finalists will get to play against each other on the North East’s largest gaming venue’s 300 inch 4K projector screen.

Harry’s Game Shack has multiple tournaments since it opened last month, such as Mario Kart, Dragonball Z and Fortnite, however, they believe this will be their most popular gaming tournament so far.

Harry Knott, who manages Harry’s Game Shack said: “We know how competitive people can be at FIFA, with everyone thinking they are better than their mates. If people think they are the best at FIFA in Sunderland, this is their opportunity to prove it.”

“We’re looking forward to some awesome and dramatic football matches being played on Saturday. It’s going to be a blast!”

When gamers aren’t playing FIFA, they will be able to watch others play, or hang out in Harry’s Game Shack’s cool retro café where people can play retro games, as well as buy food and drink.

Each person will be given a number upon entry and be randomly drawn against another player.

The tournament will be single-elimination, with 5-minute halves, and keepers set to professional difficulty.

Competitors will be able to choose to play as any team from any league, except for international teams.

Entry to the tournament is £5 and will take place between 12-4pm. Those wanting to take part must be registered by 12:10pm on the day.

Harry’s Game Shack is found upstairs on level 1 above in Geeky’s, in Sunderland city centre.

To find out more about the tournament, visit Harry’s Game Shack’s Facebook event page here!

Featured Image from EA Sports. 

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