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Written by on 20th March 2018

This week’s ArtyParti continues to celebrate the ongoing Sunderland Creative Writing Festival; this annual festival explores various aspects of creative writing across various venues in Sunderland, with nearly two full weeks of workshops, talks, events & panels ahead before the end of the month.

Paul Dunn of Cranked AnvilPaul Dunn – Founder & Artistic Director of Cranked Anvil

Paul shared about their upcoming Rehearsed Reading Night at the The Peacock – 21st April.  It’s a version of a “scratch night” that invites writers (particularly, but not just limited to, scriptwriters) to submit work for performance & critique – so on 21st April, you could see your work read & performed by a group.

For any writers who are interested in submitting work, please check out Cranked Anvil.

Sharon Watson Performance PoetSharon Watson – Creative Writer & Poet

A creative writer in Sunderland who’s poetry takes a political form.   Sharon is hoping to bring together a group to work on poetry & spoken word about the NHS; both in celebration of the 70th year of the National Health Service, but also in response to its political situation & in our climate of austerity measures.

Interested in joining Sharon’s NHS poetry collective, based in Sunderland?  You can get in touch with her via her email –

Hester Dowling – Poet & Printmaker

Hester is a poet, printmaker, regular attendee of various creative writing events in Sunderland, and also one of  Solo Arts‘ featured artists at their  last Step Up to the Plinth event.  Hester shares about the benefits of her “go on then” attitude in participatory writing settings, how it’s helped her harness her creativity & her writers’ voice.

ArtyParti is a weekly radio show celebrating participatory arts in the North East – live on Spark every Monday at 11am.

ArtyParti was produced & presented by Jay Sykes.

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